Walt the green monster

“This is Walt. Most monsters don’t like him, because he is too kind to humans and animals. Most humans get scared of him, because he is obviously a green monster. Most animals run away from him, because he is enormous. However, Walt has some good friends among all of them. He believes that one day all the species will live together in peace no matter what colour they are or how long their arms are.”

He is my latest participation as a proofreader to Amigurumi Monsters, upcoming pattern book published by Meteoor Books/Amigurumipatterns.net !

WALT the green monster

WALT THE GREEN MONSTER by Özlem Yýldýz – Based on an original drawing by Evren Yavuz

Walt should be listed in my Etsy store soon, but if you’re interested in adopting him, feel free to contact me before it’s online !! 😀

New pattern : Batilda the Bat

A few time ago on Instagram I introduced my latest pattern : Batilda the bat ! She received so much love it almost made her heart melt ! ♥

Batilda truly is one of a kind of a bat : she loves day as much as night, spending time reading books or seeking for new experiences and things to learn. She doesn’t fear much and may seem a bit audacious and overexcited, but she’s also a very good listener : confide in her and she’ll shine her inner light right onto your heart.

Batilda’s pattern is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry stores !